Sunday, 12 November 2017

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek
The teacher said for the girls to go out first. 
I sensibly walked outside, well until I got to the door then  I started running like a tiger was chasing me. I was running in circles, looking for the BEST hiding spot. 20 seconds passed I still didn't know where to hide. I panicked. Then I heard  Shileen say my name. I looked around to find her. When I found her I squeezed myself next to her. I shouted ‘Hello’. Shileen slaps me “shush” she said. I saw Ethan (one of the seekers) walked past us. I tried to hold my laugh, but my laugh still found it’s  way out. He looked back but he still didn't see me. Bushes surround my hiding spot. I saw trees that could touch the sky. I also saw bird poop. I heard children talking so loud that it almost sounded like they were screaming, it was like a herd of elephants were chasing them. I heard Shileen talking, “She does not know how to whisper” I said to myself. I could here the leaves rustling in the wind. Where I hid was cold. I was not comfortable, I felt the rough bark rub on my skin. I felt confident that no one was going to find me. In my hiding spot there was a strong smell of leaves. But I could still smell the fresh morning air. 5 minutes past I was still hiding, then I heard people saying “We are going back to the classroom”. I was so happy, I ran back to the chess board with a big smile stuck on my face.

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