Monday, 23 October 2017

My Vacation in Philippines

My Vacation in Philippines

My day starts off at 2:00 am with my brother coming in my room and screaming at me “WAKE UP, WE ARE GOING TO PHILIPPINES”. 
I was sooo excited. I dashed across the hallway to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I just needed to get changed and put one ☝️ more thing in my suitcase and I am ready to go. I hopped on the taxi and took my seat.

We arrived at the airport, we took our luggage and waited in a line that was like as long as a blue whale. When it was finally our turn we put the big bags on the conveyor belt.
We got on the plane.
The whole flight was about 13 hours. We had a stop at Sydney, Australia. 

When we arrived at the Manila airport we took our luggage and got on a bus and drove to Pangasinan. 

It was 1:00 am when the bus reached my grandparents house. When the dogs saw us they started barking and that's what woke them up. They went to check who it was. It was a surprise they didn't know that we were going to visit them.
When they saw us I couldn't describe how happy they looked. I haven't seen them for 3 years. My grandmother's tears of happiness ran down her face. When I went in the house the memories of me being there came back and filled me up with joy.
We slept in the room that we use to sleep in.

On our first day my brother kept on bragging about being taller than my cousins that are older than him. 
I was trying my best to speak Tagalog. It was hard to speak Tagalog all the time. I couldn't talk in English or they would have no clue on what I’m saying.

Every night my cousins would come over and we would all have dinner together.

On the day of my grandparents 50th wedding golden anniversary we had to wake up on 3:00am. We ate breakfast and brushed our teeth. Then the make up artist came. When she was doing the mascara my eyes were watering I could feel the mascara bristle touching my eyes.
When my hair and makeup was done I got into my dress. 

The anniversary was in a resort. I was one the bridesmaids. While I was walking down the aisle I was holding my dress up with my upper arm
because it was made strapless. When I finished walking the aisle a breath of relief came out. My dress didn't slip off. 
There was this one moment that everyone started crying. My uncle was saying a speech and it made everyone cry. I almost cried.
We were going to go swimming but it was too hot.

When I didn't have anything to do I would go and swing on the hammock. It was my idyllic place.

A few days past. We were going to a birthday. When we arrived at their house I saw a swimming pool. My mum said we could go swimming if we wanted to. I got in my togs. Splash! I jumped in the pool. My little brother got in the pool too.
I taught my little brother how to swim. Before he didn't even want to go in the pool. 

Days flew by.
My last day in Philippines made me want to cry. I felt like a snowman melting away. I wouldn't see them in another three years. I said my last good bye. When we arrived at the Christchurch airport we took our luggage and got on a taxi.
When we got home my smile came back. 
“It’s good to be home”. I said.

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