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Art Blogs

Art Blogs
Week 10

I chose these photos to be my money shot because it shows 
People working together (teamwork) to make a beautiful cake and people being responsible citizens by packing up the area they were working in.

Sculpture Reflection 
Week 7-8
Sculpture Reflection 
What is found object art? 
Found object art is making something using materials that can't be bought. Using something you already have to make a masterpiece.
What did I make?
I have made a Butterfly Tree.
I used magazines to make the butterflies.

What was my inspiration?
My inspiration were these two pictures.

I thought of how I can make the butterflies using recycled materials. I found a video on YouTube called  “Origami paper butterfly”. She used coloured paper to make her butterflies 
but I wanted to use recycled items so I used magazines to make the butterflies.

Something that went well was making the newspaper ball because the ball  I made was very round but it wasn't perfect. 

I would change how I’ll make the newspaper ball. It was hard to make it a sphere. Next time I would use a balloon and paper mache it.

This is my plan for my sculpture:
Who I am working with:
Me, myself and I

Where we will work:
Art area

Things I need:
Recycled Items:
2 Paper cups
1 plastic bottles 
Egg carton 

Not Recycled Items:
Coloured paper
Masking tape

Cut the end and the top of the plastic bottle.
Glue a paper cup on each end.
I cannot find a bottle so I'm just gluing the two paper cups together.
Mix an equal amount of white glue and water.
Rip the newspaper into pieces.
Use the white glue and water mixture to glue the ripped newspaper pieces on the paper cups and plastic bottle.
Use the newspaper to make the texture of a bark.
Let it dry.
While it's drying make a large newspaper ball and use masking tape to keep it in a ball shape. 
When the glue is dry paint the bark brown.
Paint the ball of newspaper green.
Glue the ball of newspaper that is painted green on the bark.
Make magazine butterflies. This is a video of how I will make them. Butterfly origami I will make about 8-12. I will cut the magazine page 10 by 10 cm.
Glue the butterflies on the green newspaper ball. Till covered.

Week 8
Fly on the wall
I worked with Seohyun and Heilee for being a fly on the wall. A fly on the wall is like observing something. We have been taking photos of other classes to capture the heart of Waimairi School. We have been taking photos of Pounamu.
These are some of the photos I took:

Week 5-6
Calendar art
We got to choose between three different types of ideas on how we can make our calendar art. The choices were collage, silhouette and tapa cloths. I chose collage and silhouette. My picture has silhouette of birds on a colourful background made from magazines.
My calendar art:

Week 2-4
Arts Rotation-Drama. 
I have done drama with Danielle. She will give us a scene and we will need to act it out.
Arts Sculpture. 
For Mrs McCabe I needed to pick a sculptor and write about him/her, do 2 see,think, wonders about sculptures and I am now planning to make my own sculpture.
This is my sculptor research:
Neil Dawson
Neil Dawson is a 69 year old New Zealand sculptor.
He was born in New Zealand, Christchurch in 1948.
Neil Dawson has worked as a full-time sculptor since the late 1980s.

Some of his best-known works are The Chalice, a large inverted cone in Cathedral Square, Christchurch and Ferns a sphere created from metal fern leaves which hangs above Wellington's Civic Square.

His best known works are 
crafted from aluminium and stainless steel.

Neil Dawson has produced many sculptures throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Britain, Europe, and the United States. 

Some of Neil Dawson’s Sculptures:


Horizons ⤴️


Capturing a moment in
We have been capturing a moment in time by taking selfies, photos and videos.

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