Monday, 5 June 2017

Clothing Writing

Clothing Writing

My owner used to love ❤️ me, she used to wear me everyday but I have been sitting at the back of her closet for days. It’s lightless where I lay, but there's a streak of light peeking through the little opening between her doors. I see her with her new dress, she's twirling like a ballerina, that dress is evil. I recollect the memories when she first wore me. I was filled with envy. A few days later she opened the closet door she picked me up and looked at me for a moment. “MUM!” She yelled. “I don't want this dress anymore, you can give it to Tara.” My ❤️ heart was torn to pieces. But there was a bee in my head telling me who is Tara.

Her mum grabbed me and tried to throw me in a basket like I was a basketball. “SHOOT” That irritated my ears. (If I had one) I stayed there for days and days. The purple and blue floral pattern on me now stained and my pink fabric, wrinkled. It smelled a dump site in there.

I was tossed in this monster with a round mouth. Suddenly it started spinning around like a crazy Ferris wheel, but filled up with bubbly water. I was taken out. “That was the worst ride ever!!!” 

Her mum brought me to her car and drove off. When we arrived she gave me to a girl with midnight hair and with hazel brown eyes, that must be Tara. She looked overjoyed when she saw me. She raced to her room a put me on. From that day on she always wore me everyday. I was by someone again loved again.

I my writing I used: Similes: twirling like a ballerina, spinning around like a crazy Ferris wheel, basket like I was a basketball. 
Wow words: lightless, peeking, twirling, envy, tossed.
I need to work on using better and stronger verbs.

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  1. I love the way that at the start it sounds a little bit like the start of detective movie and how at he end it’s a happy ending. I love the part when you say “It’s lightless where I lay, but there’s a streak of light peaking through the little opening between her doors.”.