Sunday, 4 September 2016

Everyone Should Own A Pet

Everyone Should Have A Pet

Imagine a place where all the animals roam. People viciously fighting with animals, animals snatching people's  food when they go on picnics. Would you like that? or a place where animals and humans are best friends.
If I could rule the world I would make a rule that everyone should own a pet. I have two budgies called Mango and Lemon. 
Keeping pets at home has several benefits. Here are some of them.

Pets can make people happier. In fact, research has shown that people who suffer from various diseases have lesser chances of depression if they keep pets, as compared to those who are suffering from similar diseases and don't keep pets. They might 
cheer you up by their adorable faces or the noise they make and it reminds you of a happy moment and there would be a big smile stuck inside of you .When I am feeling blue, my budgies cheers me up by their  joyful chirps. If I had a dollar for every time my pet makes me smile I would be a millionaire. They could chirp all day if they want. I sometimes go to them and draw them. 

Pets can also give people lessons.
Pets can make people more responsible. Pets require daily feeding, exercise, and not to mention grooming and potty time (and clean-up). Pets can also make us more empathetic about other people. When a pet passed away, we would know how other people feel when their pet pass away. Kids who grow up with pets at home are always respectful towards living things.
My budgies made me more responsible because everyday after school I have to go to them and feed them and twice a month we wash their cage . Once while I was washing their cage and one of them escaped, luckily my dad caught him and put him back in the cage.

Did you know, several studies have revealed that people who tend to spend their time with pets are more likely to live longer than people who don't. 

Want someone who will accompany you for walks? Dogs can be great companions and will happily go out for walks, at times even urging you for a walk, when you're too tired, thereby keeping you active and fit. Other activities related to pets like feeding, bathing, playing and cleaning are also good ways to exercise.

Pets are an antidote for loneliness.
Without pets your wallet would be full, your house would be clean but your heart is probably empty.
If you don't have any friends or someone to live with, a pet will always be there for you. Whether you want tell them your secrets, you know it's all safe with them! Pets give you unlimited love and are always faithful. When an animal enters your life it will change everything. (In a better way).

Animals are an important thing in my life, how about yours?

My aim was to make everyone own a pet.
My medal is when I wrote “I have two budgies called Mango and Lemon”. She likes it because I’m sharing that I have a pet and I know what I'm talking about.
My second medal was when I wrote “Whether you want tell them your secrets, you know it's all safe with them!  She likes it because it's true and funny.
My mission is to make it more easier to understand because she didn't get it when I said “Pets are an antidote for loneliness”.

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