Monday, 5 September 2016

Discovery Time Reflection W7

Discovery Time Reflection

Today at discovery time I continued making the doll. I didn't work with Seohyun and Shileen because Seohyun was doing Tae Kwon Do and Shileen was doing a tote bag, but Shileen said when I need help I just ask her. She was just working right next to the forum I was working on. I worked on a orange forum seat. I made some food,7 food cans, 1 waffle box and 1 spaghetti box. I rolled a strip of black paper to make a can and I printed the logos for the cans and food boxes. I made the waffle and spaghetti box by cutting rectangular pieces of foam and then stacked four together and covered it with the logos I printed.

My struggle was concentrating on what I was doing because people kept crowding me. Next time I would work on a forum seat where people don't usually go.

The strategy I used was listening to instructions by watching how to make doll cans.

My goal for next time is to finish our doll by week 5-6 on term 4.

 I learnt that I don't need to make something  
 perfect when I already did all my best.

Next discovery Time I wish that Seohyun would do the dollhouse.

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