Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Nicky Tillson's Interview

Nicky Tillson’s Interview 

Nicky Tillson is an E.S.O.L teacher aide at Waimairi Primary School. 

She has students every half an hour. She comes early to school and spends half morning tea and lunch time working so she can get through things for the day. To make her job easier she talks to Denise ( the other E.S.O.L teacher aide), students, teachers, office staff, vice principal, Mr. Anderson, support staff, basically the whole staff. Nicky and Denise trained how to teach students from foreign countries.

Mr. Anderson chooses a topic that is expected by teachers so E.S.O.L then takes the topic and adapts it. Miss Lord hears their ideas.

Teachers talk about education at morning tea and lunch time particularly if someone is unhappy or there is a problem that needs discussing. If a student does very well that is shared too.

When the students are not here other students come to E.S.O.L but on Fridays after lunch to three o'clock , teachers and parents can come to E.S.O.L to talk.

Nicky has 46  students from different countries. Overall Nicky is a hard working E.S.O.L teacher aide.

By Margarette

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