Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Term 1 Arts Reflection

Term 1 Arts Reflection 

During term 1 we have been learning about beat.
We have learned about the elements of music in Monday meet up,
played beat games like concentration and we experimented with nation.
Jono came and taught us about beat to help us with the Our Day performance.

In term 1 I learnt the elements of music (example: dynamics, notation, pitch and tempo ) and I learnt how they work.

The role I played was to keep in time with the beat when we were doing Our Day performance. My role was important because if I wasn't in time with the beat it would sound messy because we're not clapping in the same time.

In term 1 I enjoyed being on camp because I get to be in a group with my friends and and I really liked the activities especially mountain biking.

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  1. I like how in the second paragraph you dicrpped elements.