Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Hanmer Srings Camp

 Hanmer Springs Camp ⛺

My friends and I wandered through the campsite, like Wanderlust kids adventuring the forest.
Lime green trees swayed their branches side to side. 
Small hard rocks camouflaged themselves on the grey path. Brown wooden bridges hung over streams.
Attractive flowers drew small insects to them and small 
colourful birds chirped in the tree tops.
The Hanmer Springs warm pools sparkled in the moonlight. 
I could hear dry leaves crunch as I walk on them. 

When it grew darker the teacher blew the whistle for dinner we rushed in the kitchen with hunger ready for delicious food to fill our tummy.


  1. "Lime green trees swayed their branches side to side"
    I loved how you used "lime" green trees instead of green trees it is so describe

    And I liked the word swayed Beacause it is more interesting than moved



  2. "Lime green trees swayed their branches side to side "I loved how you used the word lime instead of green