Thursday, 5 May 2016

DT Reflection

Discovery Time Reflection 
Today at discovery time me and Nadine wanted to make an apron. We did our 
apron in the forum area in room 13 .

The role I played was helping Nadine measure herself, I was helping Nadine by telling her the length and the width of her apron .

A strategy I used was  allowing myself to struggle. I used this strategy because 
I struggled on measuring myself so I asked Nadine to help me. 

Something new I learnt was how to draw an apron using measurements and a tape measure and I also learnt if you are making an outfit that you need to leave 1-5
centimetres to sew the edges.

A struggle/challenge for me was drawing the plan for my apron because I had to pretend each square was 5 cm or 10 cm. 

When Nadine went to ukulele lessons I was looking for the instructions for the apron, after her ukulele lessons she went back to class and help me find the apron instructions.

 I showed a growth mindset when I was drawing my apron plan in my book.

Next Discovery Time I want to show an improvement by reading the instructions twice so I won't make a mistake,and so I can do the rest by myself when Nadine is in ukulele lessons. 

Overall I had fun doing my plan for my apron.

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